Family-owned and operated since 1974, The Rutherford Group has expanded
our comprehensive list of distributions solutions from our original offering of
Canadian and American Custom Clearances. We are committed to delivering
efficient and innovative solutions for keeping our customers on the move.
Our customers can rely on Rutherford’s experience and extensive knowledge
of the industry plus their strong relationships with equally trusted / dedicated
transportation partners to help create complete shipping solutions.

Our logistics process is handled with Rutherford's industry experienced staff,
professional drivers, a safe, well maintained fleet of trucks, customs brokerage,
electronic monitoring and satellite tracking throughout Canada, the United States
and beyond. Warehousing facilities located in Stratford, Ontario and
Port Huron, Michigan enables us to maximize load efficiencies.

All of these “hardware” and technological components take a back seat to the
real motivation for Rutherford: providing personalized professional service that
provides complete shipping solutions for its customers’ logistics needs. That’s
the driving force keeping Rutherford - and its customers - moving forward in
the customs, distribution and warehousing industries.